Automation of written communication

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This report summarizes the business proposal automation of written communication.

NLP GmbH is a spinoff from ETH Zurich in the area of natural language processing and focuses on automation of communication. The customer centers around the globe need to solve millions of repetitive cases every day. Our solution aims to automate the solution of repetitive cases through natural language processing and enable the managers to identify the processes that result in high customer issues. The cases which cannot be automated will be sent to agents with AI- Guidance.

Our solution has the following key benefits: 1) It reduces the time between customer ticket and its solution zero 2) It is scalable 3) It reduces amount of staff and related costs, such as hiring, training, replacing etc. 4) Staff can focus on more creative tasks rather than solving the same issues every day 5) It is 24/7 and 365 days available independent of public holidays 6) It trains staff by giving it guidance in complex cases

The customer service industry is a $400 Billion industry and we estimate that around 45% of all the cases can be automated. Our potential customers are companies with a big customer base such as insurance companies, banks, telecommunication companies or public service companies. We are also positioned in the right country where the staff costs are very high and our solution can reduce it substantially.

Our competitors are Ultimate AI from Germany and Digital Genius from UK. They have already demonstrated that our idea works and we believe that it is the right time to enter the market since our competitors are very small compared to market size and the market looks for solutions.

In the light of all above we are seeking funds and senior advisors as well as professional contact to guide us on our path for a more creative world.


Berhan Polat