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Intelligent Document Storage Solution

  • 4-7 Team Size
  • 2018 Founding Year
  • St. Gallen Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
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  • Cosumer cloud, Finance, fintech, Insurance, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, deep learning, Intelligent Marketplace, Machine Learning, intelligent cloud storage, cloud storage Markets

Are your important documents, contracts, certificates, polices and invoices somewhere at your home and you can’t find them the time you need them? Do you have piles of unorganized documents and folders in your desk and you don’t know how to organize them? You didn’t find yet a suitable app for digitizing your documents or is it just too complicated for you?

Cheque is a young and very ambitious start-up in the field of FinTech working on making the digitalization and organization of documents a child’s game. Simply take a photo of your documents with your smartphone and Cheque labels and organizes them for you! Intelligent search, automatic text recognition, smart file naming and much more become as easy as pie. Sounds like magic?



Innosuisse celebrates the success of Innovation cheques

The Innovation Cheque provided by the Innousisse is a funding instrument aimed at enabling startups and SMEs in Switzerland to test break-through ideas in collaboration with a research partner. In 2019, 400 preliminary studies were funded and carried out thanks to the instrument.


AIT Colombia bestows CHF 10'000 onto AgroSustain

AgroSustain's RD scientist, Florian Guignard, accepted a CHF10'000 cheque after winning the startup pitch competition of the  Swiss-Colombian Academia-Industry Camp (AIT Colombia). The Swiss startup aims to reduce food waste by extending the shelflife of fruits and vegetables.


AirBie wins CSEM Award

On Friday during the closing event of the Kickstart program, CSEM presented AirBie a cheque of CHF 20’000 as part of its Award programs to support startups on their deeptech journey.


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