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  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2020 Founding Year
  • Zurich Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
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  • Blockchain, Finance, Legal, LegalTech Markets

Hi There!

I'm looking for talented technical co-founders for a startup that tokenizes equity. An example of a startup that we already tokenized is ( We have more projects in the pipeline and also seed funding organized, but we lack strong technical co-founders that help us getting things done! (I'm myself technical but cannot commit myself fully due to too many other responsibilities. So my own role would be limited to that of an investor and coach and not that of a co-founder.)

At the moment, we offer this product through the law firm Lexr (see, which will continue to take responsibility for all things legal, but we want to spin off the technical side into an independent firm that can develop the idea further and shape the technical product. The potential is huge and we want to be ready for the tokenization wave of 2021, when the planned Swiss blockchain law will hopefully be enacted. (See .) I personally served as an expert for the Federal Council in the design of this law and at the same time have a MSc in Computer Science and was directly involved in the development of the Quitt tokenization. Also, I have successfully founded and later exited a startup before, allowing me to provide funding and guidance together with other seasoned investors. What I'm lacking is an effective team of two or three technical founders that can dedicate themselves fully to this cause. That's where you come into play! You are hard-working and have a knack for finding the right abstractions. Ideally you also have already a few years of experience in software engineering and find the vision of creating an Internet of Finance compelling. If you are coming straight out of university, that's also fine as I can help with the establishing the technical know-how. The important part is that you can fully commit yourself and are capable of working diligently and self-reliantly in an entrepreneurial setting.

The current tech stack is based on Typescript (Angular) in the front- and backend, with the usual Web3 connectors to the Ethereum system, where we deploy smart contracts written in Solidity. An example of such a smart contract can be found here ( Whereas the use of Ethereum and Solidity is given, we are open to consider other technologies on the frontend and on our servers in case you have strong preferences there.

Would be great to hear from you!

Luzius Meisser (


Luzius Meisser