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Novel risk management solutions centered around causal inference, Bayesian methods and machine learning

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Switzerland Location
  • Company, no funding Project Status
  • Website
  • Finance, Insurance, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, banking Markets

Syntherion, a stealth mode fintech startup from Switzerland, is looking for a second technical cofounder who is motivated to join us in bootstrapping this company.

We are developing novel risk management solutions centered around causal inference, Bayesian methods and cutting edge machine learning research. The team consists of an experienced entrepreneur and finance PhD with a fintech exit already under his belt, a legal PhD student specialising in banking regulation and a machine learning PhD working on robust and interpretable ML. We are also mentored by a senior cantonal bank officer, well connected in the ETH and EPF domain and are in the process of starting the first paid pilot project. In order to balance the team and ensure that product development does not become the bottleneck, we are now looking for another techie to join the team.

Aside from team fit we are ideally looking for the following skillset

  • Very strong in one of the following, and strong in the other

a) programming skills, ideally in Julia, Python and Qt/C++ (or able to learn while doing). (Very strong: can architect and implement large maintainable systems confidently and rapidly. Strong: can implement components of pre-architected solution independently and participate in the design) b) skills in statistical (risk) modeling or machine learning theory (knowledge in neural nets, gaussian processes, causal inference and/or MCMC algorithms). Very strong: can derive, and prove novel algorithms as well as implement them. Strong: Can read papers and identify, understand and apply the algorithms appropriately)

  • Nice to have: web development, distributed systems experience, crypto and privacy tech knowledge
  • No brainer but stated anyway: Familiar with modern software engineering processes (we use Gitlab for CI and project management, git for VCS)
  • Entrepreneurial mindset

If this sounds like you and you are interested in reinventing risk management for financial institutions including banks and insurances, then you might be a good fit and should reach out for more details about the project and so we can get to know you.

Other considerations:

  • we are based in Switzerland and bootstrapping, so we can only fund you for a very limited time (a trial period where we will pay you as a freelancer)
  • by our mentors estimate, we are about 3-5 years ahead of the market. Don’t expect quick exits or unicorn status
  • we are trying to avoid or at least maximally delay VC funding so everyone can finish their PhDs and we can retain full control over the direction of the company. If you want a quick scale and exit, we are probably the wrong team for you. If you want to build a sustainable bootstrapped company in a beautiful country, we are the right team for you.


Igor Krawczuk