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Swap all your things that you would like to get rid off - all with a simple swipe.

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2020 Founding Year
  • Zürich Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • Website
  • App Development, app store Markets

How it works TauschToni is a platform where people exchange products with each other. If you’ve fallen out of love with something but still have it, you can swap it for something new.

To get started, you’ll need to register at least one product and activate it for swapping. Then you’ll be able to view other swappable products. What kind of products appear as proposal you can define with category and value filters.

If you like proposed product that pops up and perhaps want to trade it for one of your own, simply swipe it to the right. If you don’t like it, swipe it to the left and bring up the next product. As you can see, it’s just like the popular dating app.

You can then leave it to chance and wait until you get a match, which is what we call it when both of you like each other’s product. Or you could help things along by writing a friendly little note to the owner(s) of your favorite product(s).

Then you can decide between yourselves whether, how and where you want to exchange products. Basically, it’s all about something for something. So, if you’re swapping your Harley Davidson for an IPhone, it might be a nice gesture if you offered a bit of cash for the bike on top.

When you’re done, confirm your successful swap with us, enjoy the new object of your affection and pedal off happily into the sunset. Or something like that.

Sustainability We believe in the concept of circular economy and want to encourage people to swap instead to buy.


Nicolas Huxley