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puclishing and editing books home made

  • 1 Team Size
  • 2020 Founding Year
  • Lausanne Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • EdTech Markets

There is a website with a catalogue (+ My Library) and a full service of choosing, reading, commenting, following books, authors and thema. Then there is an APP, linked to my personal login from the website, from where I send a text I picked up on the catalogue. On the APP I can make a full personal layout. I can add anything I want : own pictures, drawings, notes, comments. I can read the text in my layout in digital way. And, if I want, I can send the text as I layout it on the "smart printer". A home printer who can make books tailor-made.

As a user, I can have a subcription for the catalogue and website. Or I can have an other subcritption for the APP, because I can add my own text, my diary or else. Or I can have a subcritpition for both.

But I can also have a subcription for the printer and the APP ; Or finally I can have a subcription for ALL : website, APP and printer.

Probem solve : home made layout, home made book, full intellectual life online in one website. Win : time, possibilities, management, space, cost, and finally with a better impact on life.

Customers : students, school & universities, companies, family.



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Finding a free parking spot in urban areas can be tedious, especially when there is no oversight of a parking area. Parquery is offering a smart parking system that uses existing cameras and image recognition software to detect the occupancy of parking spaces. Customers in 32 countries and investors believe in the solution.


Isabelle Godeby