Stroller Shaker

Protable device to put a baby asleep in bed or in the stroller, by means of a rocking motion, simlar to the parent's one

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  • 2019 Founding Year
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  • Baby & Kids, electronics, Engineering, Health, Mechatronics Markets

I’m developing a prototype of a mechatronic device that came into my mind after the birth of my daughter, end 2018, and since that, I’ve been working in my free time on this project. It’s an autonomous portable device that can be attached to any stroller, that helps rocking the baby and put him asleep. It has a microphone, an accelerometer, a speaker and a bluetooth connectivity. By means of an eccentric mass connected to a motor, it can produce an inertia, able to "rock" the baby in the stroller/bed.

The accelerometer is used to detect if the baby is waking up (before crying), and allows the device to start rocking. It also allows to save battery, since the motion is being aligned (in phase) with the movement of the stroller.

The microphone is also used to rock with different intensity, related to the detected sound.

The bluetooth low energy is used to communicate with an app (iOS or Android), in order to use the device manually (real time), or to set the needed parameters. The device can work also without app (it has 3 buttons).

The speaker is used to reproduce music while rocking the baby, if wanted.

The idea is also to use proprietary music (I'm also a pianist - conservatory degree), recorded in house.

The device includes rechargeable batteries, that allow ca. 15 hours of continuous rocking.

The electronics is almost finished (firmware, software, hardware). I'm currently working also on the mechanics. It's a B2B product, for which an E-commerce could be the perfect solution.


matteo fracassi