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Pressure and Motion Sensing Sock

  • 4-7 Team Size
  • 2016 Founding Year
  • Zürich Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • Website
  • Fitness, Health, Skiing, smart gadgets, Sports, Technology, wearables Markets

Sensoc is developing a smart sock. A smart sock that is capable of tracking its wearer’s movements and pressure on the sole of the foot.

Wirelessly connecting to a smartphone or smartwatch, the sock can give immediate feedback on the wearer’s behavior. Long-term comparison gives insight into training progress, improvements of the motion sequence or can detect malpositions and bad habits.

Sensoc perfectly serves the increasing demand for Self-Tracking in the health and fitness sector through delivering solutions for medical rehab or analysis tools for sports such as soccer or skiing, just to name some.

The implementation of this functionality in form of a sock allows for maximal flexibility and wide usage. The hardware - the smart sock - remains the same for all applications and delivers data for the flexible and adaptive software - making it just as versatile as the customers Sensoc is trying to reach.