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Voting app for making agile decisions

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2016 Founding Year
  • Zürich Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
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  • Fashion, Food, Leisure, Big Data, Social Network Markets

The idea

When was the last time you asked your friends what outfit suited you better? Do you remember that feeling of making decisions without really knowing why?

Just imagine how awesome would it feel to decide knowing you are right from the beginning. Knowing the people you care about will agree with you.

Last month I came across a situation like that. I needed to decide what length of beard would suit me better, but I had no idea. This is how I ended up asking a bunch of friends and used the power of data and statistics to let them decide – and the results were just amazing. Within two hours of executing the results I obtained, a number of girls from my dorm told me how much better was I looking. I am never going back.

And so, I created Decidr. Opine or get opined, from your friends or from people all over the world, no matter the nature of your question. What outfit suits me better? Where should we eat today? Beard or without beard? Just ask Decidr, and within seconds you will be using the power of statistics and cutting-edge data science technologies to get accurate figures and predictions that will empower you to take the right decisions, no room for doubts allowed.

With the power of data in the palm of your hand you will feel more sure than ever when the time for taking decisions arrives. Ask the world and let the world ask you – you will never decide alone again.

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The team

The business-techie guy

Business Administration, Computer Science & Design

Javier Ramirez is a consolidated entrepreneur. He was the founder and president of the two biggest student associations in his home university in Madrid (URJC), and is the co-founder and CTO of, a startup that has received recognition from some of the main acknowledgments for entrepreneurs in Spain: IE Business School, Telefónica OpenFuture, the Global Student Entrepreneur Award second prize or the Madrid's Entrepreneur of the Year Award are only some of them. He is also alumnus of the Spring 2015 class of Dat Ventures, a startup training and soft-landing program in Boston, as well as has studied Personality Theory at Harvard. Javier Ramirez is 22 years old and is finishing his studies in both Business Administration and Computer Science.

The technical guy

Engineer & Data Scientist

Mateo is an engineer and data scientist with experience as data scientist and big-data developer in Stratio, the biggest enterprise data intelligence company in Europe, and one of the biggest worldwide (amongst Horton Works or Cloudera). He has also worked as data scientist and full-stack web developer, as well as project leader and scrum master in Talentank, a startup of which he is co-founder too. He is studying his master in Data Science, but already has a master in Propulsion and Engine Systems Engineering and his bachelor in Aerospace Engineering. He has also studied Energy and Environment at Harvard. He got a grant for studying a course on entrepreneurship and management at MIT Sloan School of Management.

The growth hacker

Social media expert

He has experience as analyst for one of biggest social networks in the world (which we don't want to name yet, along with his name, because we are unsure that would break an NDA). His personal Twitter account, with +100k followers taught him how social networks work and what knobs to twist to get attention and gain momentum. As an entrepreneur, he has founded two companies, the first one at age 17, turning out profitable enough to sustain him for a couple of years. He ended up closing them to dive into new, exciting professional adventures.

The advisors

The team is not alone: a number of advisors accompany us in this adventure. We are able to get different points of view from experts in the fields of communication (public speaking, non-verbal communication, marketing&brand strategy), sales, consultancy, engineering, finance and law.


Mateo Alvarez Calvo

CTO/CIO, Data Scientist