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Bulk-Buying Platform for SMEs

  • 4-7 Team Size
  • 2016 Founding Year
  • Zurich Location
  • Idea, brainstorming Project Status
  • fintech, Logistics, Marketplaces, Online Portals, Retail, SMEs Markets

How often do you hear about your local store closing? How often do big Swiss corporations such as Coop or Ochsner Sport replace small businesses in your neighborhood? Switzerland’s economy is based on over 90% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), but the landscape is changing. Our local, family owned shops and their customized services are slowly disappearing to the benefit of their large counterparts or online based shops, whose prices are unbeatable.

In order to address this disequilibrium and help conserve the variety of the Swiss market, we want to build an online platform for SMEs on which they can bundle up their orders. This will create value not only for the participating SME but also for suppliers and end consumers, since the system will cut out some costly middlemen.

By teaming up, small companies can reach economies of scale and reduce costs: the bigger the order, the lower the price per unit. This will help them to remain competitive on today’s aggressive market, and keep up with the prices offered by large corporations and cheap imports. On one hand, the added value for the end customer is the access to personal advice and proximity to small local businesses, for a more affordable price. On the other, the producers who profit from our platform will benefit from a larger amount of orders and steady income source.

By giving SMEs a platform to team up and purchase their inventory at a lower price, we will thus generate an environment rife for small entrepreneurs and keep Swiss neighborhoods dynamic.



Upscale acquires 99chairs and expands to Germany

Zurich based Upscale Interiors AG has bought the tech platform of the insolvent start-up 99chairs. With the acquisition, Upscale has expanded to Berlin with a new team joining the former 99chairs employees.


A bunch of winners at the EC Award

On Monday the EC award ceremony took place in the Audimax of ETH Zurich.The medtech project Immunas won the first prize, the internet project Upscale was awarded the public prize. 250 students and young entrepreneurs celebrated the winners and learnt several lessons about entrepreneurship.


TwentyGreen probiotic transforms the future of farming

TwentyGreen produces a triple active probiotic that addresses the three major problems of intensive animal farming. The new probiotic innovated at the EPFL, Switzerland, results in better digestion and responses to plant-based feeds, better feed conversion, less disease and less pollution. The start-up is currently planning to upscale production of their product and to perform field trials.