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Offer unused food to neighbors

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  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2016 Founding Year
  • Aarau Location
  • Idea, brainstorming Project Status
  • Food, Human Networking, Waste Reduction Markets

Foodshelf is an app where users can offer no longer required food to their neighbors using three simple steps: take a picture of the item, post it to a virtual food shelf, and finally get in contact with your neighbor and hand out the food. The virtual food shelf only contains the items from people nearby as it is based on geolocation. In the product details, users can provide more information as for example the expiry date, which will then get the item to be removed from the virtual food shelf automatically when overdue. Communication is done using common communication services like Whatsapp. Foodshelf was developed entirely during the Climathon Zurich 2016 and already is in a testable state.

With this app we want to reduce food waste in private households. It is estimated that almost 50% of the food that is wasted in Switzerland gets thrown away by the end-consumers. This has a huge impact on our environment. Our solution provides a way to prevent food waste without big effort for the users. Actually it can be quite fun as our app has the side-effect of connecting people in the neighborhood and getting them to know each other!

The consumer can be anyone: The family father who is overestimating himself and constantly buying too much food, his wife who is very conscious about ecology, the teenager who has no food at home and is too lazy to go to the store, and also people who don't have lots of money and would appreciate such a service.


Florian Gyger


Andreas Urben