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  • 4-7 Team Size
  • 2015 Founding Year
  • Winterthur Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
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  • Agriculture, Apiculture, ICT, Biology, Beekeeping, AgTech, Smart Bee Hive Markets

We love to work with bees. Vatorex co-founder Willi Brunner has been a beekeeper for more than 50 years. As a trained biologist, he always puts the bee's health at the center of his efforts. From this we know that only appropriate beekeeping can sustainably promote the health of the honey bees. That is why it is our passion to simplify the everyday life of beekeepers. Our ideas and innovations enhance hive-productivity and the joy of apiculture.


  • Vatorex-System The Vatorex-System is a hyperthermic system to kill Varroa mites using warmth. The system heats the bee brood, as this is where the majority of the Varroa mites can be found. Only one brood comb at a time is ever treated. The temperature is continuously increased over the first hour, then it is kept at a constant 41°C for a period of two hours. In other words, it takes a total of three hours to treat each comb. This careful process has been selected so that the required temperature is only developed in the covered brood. The worker bees regulate the air humidity and cool down the young, uncovered brood so they are not harmed.
  • Hive Manager The Hive Manager simplifies beekeeper's lifes. The digital App for tracking all actions and changes of bee hives is designed by beekeepers to help beekeepers having access to their hive data everytime & everywhere. This is the first step to an apiculture revolution with smart bee hives.



1300 Besucher und drei Awards an der Startup Night in Winterthur

Am letzten Freitag besuchten rund 1300 Personen die dritte Startup Night im Technopark Winterthur. Neben Keynote-Speeches und Workshops präsentierten sich 50 Startups im Forum. Die drei verliehenen Preise sichertin sich Okomo, Vatorex und eQitc.


Emsige Geldsammler

Bei B2B-Unternehmen, so heisst es, funktioniert das Crowdfunding nicht. Das Zürcher Startup Vatorex strafte diese Aussage Lügen und lancierte eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne, die innerhalb weniger Tage durch die Decke ging.


Pascal Brunner