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Make offline shopping great again

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  • 2017 Founding Year
  • Bern/Zurich Location
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  • Bars, Food, Retail, Shopping, App, Advertising, Gamification, Mobile Payment Markets

"Make offline shopping great again"

Offline shopping is still the same as it was 10 years ago. Retailer struggle to compete against their online opponents. Rewardo focuses on the following customer pains:

  • we know ad targeting online, but it's not existent offline. This results in random and unpersonal ads.
  • offline shopping is a necessary evil. We all know the bad feeling of leaving a shop without finding what we were looking for.
  • different loyalty programs for every shop.

Rewardo rewards you with points just for entering a shop by using the newest bluetooth beacon technology. After buying an article you get even more points by scanning the receipt or sharing your newly purchased item on social media. Once you collected enough points, you can redeem them in exchange for a gift card. This principle results in a win-win-situation for merchants as well as customers.

In addition, the app shows you tailored discounts based on your interests, past purchases and your current location (geo-targeted offers). You can add products to your shopping list and get specific discounts for just the things you're looking for. On the other hand, retailers can attract new customers and collect interesting data about them.

The first milestone on our road map would be the onboarding of a first shop to test our MVP.

We built a working prototype at the SIX Hackathon and made it to the finals.

Contact me for more details. Let's digitalize the offline retail industry!


Adrian Krebs