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Clever energy for a better future

  • 4-7 Team Size
  • 2017 Founding Year
  • Zürich Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
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  • Energy, Energy Consulting, Energy Data Management, Energy efficiency, Energy Saving Markets

CLEMAP's goal is to create a better future thanks to clever energy data analytics.

CLEMAP ( is specialized in the evaluation of energy data. Through a combination of measurement solutions and AI / Machine Learning, added values such as warnings, efficiency gains, operation optimization, etc. is generated from energy data.

We are a young startup contributing to a sustainable future by automatically evaluating smart meters and other energy data sources, reducing the need for human intervention and opening up new potential from data as a source that was unimaginable before the advent of machine learning algorithms.



Experience and a fresh breeze

Globalance has recently appointed fintech expert Christina Kehl to its board of directors. Credit Suisse veteran Giles Keating has joined Bitcoin Suisse's board of directors. Likewise, the energy startup Clemap welcomed Kurt Bobst.


Drei Startups mit Power

Die Schweizer Stromwirtschaft traf sich letzte Woche an den Powertagen in Zürich. Dieses Jahr durften neu auch Startups ausstellen. Sie hatten die Chance, den xplor Startup-Award zu gewinnen. Die Sieger sind smart-me, Clemap und Virtual Global Systems.


Pascal Kienast


Gino Agbomemewa


Raffael Meier