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viAbz GmbH

Healthy lifestyle solution for Companies

  • 8-10 Team Size
  • 2017 Founding Year
  • Zürich Location
  • Company, no funding Project Status
  • Website
  • B2B, Consulting, HealthCare, Life Sience Markets

viAbz is a company that offers corporate health / corporate wellness solutions to clients like Samsung, Siemens, eBay, ZKB and other large companies in Switzerland. Last year we organized 400+ sports classes and 16 different workshops at our customer's location. We had more than 3'900 participants.

With the current situation, we have pivoted our product offering to an online livestream of sports classes. This offer is tailored to people working from home or not allowed to go outside. Last week we had 40 different classes (Yoga, Pilates, functional, core workout, but also Bachata and "Fit with your Kid") and more than 800 visitors. We have a daily traffic of +1500 people on our website and ~200 participants a day. Currently, all classes are free for the public. We are financed by corporate clients that pay for additional features (eg. exclusive classes, or re-playing previous classes).

This model fits the current situation and allows for nice profits at the moment. However, I foresee a trend towards such online classes. Why should I pay 35CHF for a Yoga class, that I need to commute to if I can get a similar experience in my living room for 5CHF?


Stefan Velikov