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Seed Stage Startup about travel advising through locals and real travellers!

  • 11-20 Team Size
  • 2017 Founding Year
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
  • Website
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Travel is not just an action, travel is a mentality!

The travel industry has changed in the last past years and will even change faster in future. hotels and appartements are booked on hotel booking websites or airbnb. Flights are booked on flight booking websites. All the organisation of a trip can be done online. You can inform yourself about your destination in thousands of blogs and travel websites, but you can never choose from who you receive the advice.

We have started as a small team to develop the travel platform in 2017 and launched the first version of in a beta plus stadium on 17th of September 2017. With the feedback of the users we have redesigned the platform and improved the concept. With the relaunch on 1st of February 2018 we have launched a high quality application with a fresh design and have received awsome feedback in words and user growth. So in January 2019 we decided to really professionlize the whole UI/UX with a new commercial approach. At the moment we are working in several design sprint sessions to finalize the new concept and UI/UX of the platform. We probably will relaunch a brand new page around July/August.

About Yakondi:

When you are thinking about travelling, we believe you can get expert advice from locals or people who really know the destination inside and out, easily, stress-free and at low cost. Yakondi has created a platform where travellers can communicate and get advice for their next travelling adventure. Our objective is to help people to experience unforgettable moments during travels and share their experience with interested people. So just tell your travel requirments, receive local advice with insights and direct booking links to the etablished players (, airbnb, etc) based on your interests.

Yakondi's milestones and benefits:

-Our approach has a high potential in the international travel market.

-We are partner of more than 3000 booking platforms

-We have an experienced international multi-cultural team

-We are on a Swiss university program and people choose for their bachelor/master thesis.

-We have skilled and experienced people in UI/UX, Development, Marketing and Business Development

-Already thousands of users active on the current beta plus platform

You are looking for a new challenge? We want to expand our team! Are you the right personality to spread travel love with us?

I'm looking forward to hear from you and maybe soon welcome you to the team.



Founder of


Benjamin Kuster


Mike Bochenek