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Knick Knack

A sexual health & safety app

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2016 Founding Year
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • App, Health, LGBTQ, Disease Prevention, Sexual Safety, Women's Issues Markets

Knick Knack is a sexual health and safety app that aims to empower young adults of all genders and sexual orientations to take responsibility for their safety as they explore, date, and mingle.

Through education, simplifying access to sexual health resources, and creating a system of accountability, we offer a solution to a global public health concern.

We promote healthy, consensual sex, and a culture of mutual respect and responsible enjoyment.

The Problem

STD testing is expensive, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. As a result, most sexually active young adults do not check their STD status unless they are experiencing symptoms, at which point it is often too late.

The World Health Organization (WHO) found that there are more than 340 million new cases of sexually transmitted bacterial and protozoal infections occurring worldwide every year.

Contradictory to popular belief, this is not just a problem in the developing world. Take Denmark for example -- a country with a global reputation for its high standard of living, public health-care, and highly educated population -- it ranks as the country with the third highest chlamydia infection rate in Europe!

If that fact surprised you, how about the fact that in Switzerland, instances of Chlamydia in 2016 doubled since 2013 according to data from the WHO database. In Zurich specifically, a local gynecologist recorded that 30% of young women who she tested for chlamydia came back with a positive result this year.

Chlamydia is just one of several very common diseases -- new infections of even more serious STIs like HPV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and not to mention HIV are also still happening every day.

Why should I care?

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are a public health concern. They can affect anyone and symptoms are not always obvious when an infection occurs.

Untreated gonococcal and chlamydial infections in women result in pelvic inflammatory disease in up to 40% of cases and one in four of these results in infertility. This is just one example of how both directly and indirectly, these infections can impact an individual's quality of life, productivity levels, relationships, ability to have a family, and overall happiness.

The Solution

The Knick Knack app is the solution to this global public health concern -- to learn more about exactly how Knick Knack works or to get involved in this project, contact me at

This is not only an opportunity to do good, but also an opportunity to get involved with a company that is internationally relevant and has massive potential to establish itself globally.


Lona Whitney