START Odyssey

Check all the fantastic participants in this year's START Odyssey.

START ODYSSEY helps students from top universities kickstart their startup ideas. One can either participate with their own idea or be part of a great team and even cofound the startup emerging from the programme. No equity, no fees, no bullshit!

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FACEBOOK CHALLENGE: (07.12.18 - 06.02.19)
- Idea Holders: Once you've created a cofoundme profile, promote your idea over facebook and get others to vote for you. The rule is: 1 vote per person (it's hardcoded, so don't even try). The 10 ideas with the most likes will be interviewed, and three ideas will be chosen.
- Team Members: Apply over the following link or button below. Once you applied vote for your favorite ideas on cofoundme.

ONBOARDING WEEKEND (16-17.03.19): Once the team has all the necessary team members and skills, an onboarding weekend will take place to brief all participants about the upcoming Odyssey.

START SUMMIT (21-22.03.19): The winning teams will get reduced access to our START Summit. This is the place to get inspired and make first connections.

ODYSSEY (18-28.04.19): In April, 10 days of prototyping, mini-hackathons, testing, and meeting founders will take place. Our Coaches will help you on every step and give you feedback. All in the startup heart of Europe: Berlin. You will end up with a validated prototype and venture concept.

INVESTOR NIGHT (02.05.19): In May you get the chance to pitch your idea in front of investors. Pitch well, because there will also be a cash prize waiting to be snatched!

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Application & Voting deadline: 6.2.2019
Also: vote for other projects to make their qualification happen.

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