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On-demand urban drone delivery network

  • 1 Team Size
  • 2020 Founding Year
  • Zurich Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • Autonomous navigation, B2B2C, delivery, Drones, Food retail, Retail Markets

Swish is an on-demand drone delivery network operating within large and densely-populated cities. The network spans across big cities and is made up of, firstly, many pick-up/drop-off drone terminals that facilitate a safe and user-friendly loading of drones and, secondly, a large fleet of autonomous drones capable of carrying packages of different sizes and weight . The real value is then created through imposing a digital layer upon the network of drones and terminals, leveraging recent advances in the fields of 5G, the IoT and AI.

An Uber-like smartphone application with a straight-forward user interface lets individuals toggle in their location and the intended destination of the item that should be delivered. Software then figures out what the most efficient delivery route is based on the nearest drop-off and pick-up terminal as well as the size of your package. Once the fare of the flight is paid on the app, you’ll receive a QR code that enables you to unlock drone terminals to send-off packages. Drone terminals are necessary to facilitate secure loading and pick-up. Drones land on top of the terminals that are surrounded by a cage so nobody gets in contact with the drones, possibly leading to injuries. After the terminal got unlocked with the QR code on the app, the terminals operate autonomously through a mechanism that lets customers put their package into a chamber in the body of the terminal. The terminal then finishes the loading process on its own to ensure that the package is correctly attached to the drone. Finally, the drone takes off to the predetermined pick-up terminal and the process is reversed.

The problem that Swish aims to solve is the quick and easy delivery of packages and items. The largest user base of Swish will be businesses (B2B, B2C, and C2C), but the service can essentially be used by anybody. For many businesses, it is hardly possible - financially as well as logistically - to operate their own delivery service and send goods to customers as fast as possible at a reasonable price. This prevents many businesses, small and medium-sized, from operating efficiently and impedes revenue generation. With an urban drone delivery network like Swish items of different sizes – whether food, clothes, shoes or other consumer goods – can be sent to customers in under 30 minutes from one location within a city to another. On top of that, the Swish network operates on-demand. No fixed costs wasted on setting up a capital-intensive delivery system and you only pay for your actual needs! This opens up a new, lucrative market for many businesses that are now able to reach many more customers and could possibly operate solely online without having a physical store (imagine restaurants that exist merely on a delivery basis – this could be done with such a delivery system!). What’s more, Swish could help curb traffic congestion in large cities and CO2 emissions emitted via deliveries by gasoline vehicles).


Adam Dada