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ML aid for due diligence

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  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Zürich Location
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  • Financial Services, LegalTech Markets

We are developing SaaS solution for streamlining due diligence in small private equity deals.

We believe that due diligence process which has to be done before investing into a company can be made a lot faster and cheaper than it is now. At the core of due diligence is painful process of fact checking within hundreds of pages of documents. We want to help lawyers to be more productive, which would lead to faster process.

Reducing the time spent on due diligence is beneficial for both investors and startups, since investors could spend more resources looking for talent and startups would not stay in limbo for weeks waiting for closure of the deal.

Market: In 2018 in Switzerland 230 VC deals were made with more than 1.2 Billion CHF in investment, around 5% of that sum were spent on due diligence. If we add thew deals that did not went through and those that were not publicly announced, we can estimate that around 250 mio CHF was spent on due diligence alone.

Competition: Several legaltech startups offer solutions for legal contract review, which are mainly suited for huge deals and target lawyers on M&A market. We want to provide solution in a form of pipeline which would help at all stages of due diligence, whether it is a financial or legal review and other activities. We also want to concentrate on smaller deals, at least at the start.