Rent your Outfit

Rent and rent-out your Outfits

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  • 2019 Founding Year
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200 Mio. pieces of clothing are thrown away every year in Switzerland (of which only a small part makes it to third world nations and war zones, most of it is sold abroad and this is destroying local textile industries). Moreover most of us haven't worn half of the pieces in the wardrobe within the last year. Why? The reasons may vary from social pressure, to a change in taste or clothing size.
What if we could change that and share our outfits with others; give them a great pleasure and at the same time do something good for the environment? Instead of constantly buying new stuff we could exchange our clothes with others on our daily way to work or school. This could be day-to-day-outfits; cloths and accessories for special occasions (e.g. Tuxedo or evening dress for the next graduation, celebration or wedding) up to skiing clothes or even costumes for the next theme party. This could be managed easily with RentYourOutfit. RentYourOutfit is a C2C-platform on which you can rent and rent out pieces of clothing for every occasion. Wear all the outfits you've always wanted & find something suitable for every occasion to an affordable price, while doing something good for our planet.