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Learn, Publish and Collaborate for Science and Society

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2020 Founding Year
  • Winnipeg MB, Canada Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
  • Website
  • Publishing, science journalism Markets

iMAQPress is a start-up project to manage and Publish the scientific contents for the purpose of enhanced research output, organizational networking and bring closer the researchers for international collaboration from all over the world. iMAQPress invites every individual or organization from all around the world who are aimed for the promotion of science Lets Raise the Science Together…! Web-based solutions: is being developed (currently in debugging phase) in 2 main sections, scientific articles section (iMaQ Journal) having four main disciplines such as Life sciences, Physical sciences, agriculture /veterinary sciences and interdisciplinary science sections. Every discipline is further sub-categories into 20 sub-disciplines and in total there are 80-subdisciplines. iMaQ Journal will be the first scientific journal having 80 sub-disciplines integrated with their institutional profiles and scientific discussion forums on the other section where scientific ideas, scientific achievements, scientific events, academic and publishing news from around the world is integrated and catalogued for easy understanding. Education-based solutions: iMaQPress is planning to have weekly scientific content management event for students, society members and others who are having scientific talent but cannot polish their talents. iMAQ Journal is a scientific journal of natural sciences publishing scientific articles from four main disciplines of science such as Life sciences, Physical sciences, Agriculture /Veterinary sciences and Interdisciplinary science sections. Every discipline is further sub-categorized into 20 sub-disciplines. iMAQ Insight is an international academic magazine publishing user friendly academic institutional profiles, reports on scientific discussion forums, publishing the scientific ideas of young researchers, scientific achievements of researchers, impact creating scientific events and useful academic news around the world.


Muhammad Irfan