Climate Experiment: Educate people about the physics behind climate change

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  • 2020 Founding Year
  • Zurich Location
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  • Chemistry, Renewable Energy, Climate, Education Markets

The problem

Humans have a tendency to believe only what they can see. We cannot see the CO2 in the atmosphere. We cannot directly feel the impact it has on temperature, because it is still small compared to daily and seasonal changes.

When talking about climate change, I realised that even some very educated people don't grasp some very basic facts underlying climate change. For example, that CO2 level increases temperature.

The solution

Let's create an kit which allows everyone, from school students to retirees, to conduct a simple 'lab' experiment to reproduce climate change in your home.

What's needed?

  • Two equal transparent containers
  • A CO2 source, emitting a well-defined quantity
  • Two thermometers
  • Paper forms to document the experiment conditions and results


  • A device to measure CO2 concentration
  • Hygrometers to measure water vapor
  • A light or heat source

The experiment:

  • Prepare the containers, one containing air, the other one CO2
  • Install thermometers in the containers
  • Expose them to a light source (could be the sun, or an artificial source)
  • Document the measured temperatures


  • Measure and document the actual CO2 concentrations.

Stretch goal: Ship a container pre-filled with air with pre-industrial CO2 concentration (280ppm; no we're at 415ppm). To see the difference, I anticipate the need for very precise thermometers.

The business plan

  • Conduct the experiment ourselves, trying out different containers (think PET bottles), thermometers (analog, digital?), CO2 sources (soda capsules? vinegar / baking soda?) etc.
  • Find a combination of conditions that reliably allow anyone to reproduce the result
  • Write up simple experiment instructions
  • Define the necessary hardware, have everything packaged together in a box
  • Sell the box to schools, universities, individuals
  • Profit by taking an appropriate gross margin over own purchase costs

Notice: I don't anticipate any manufacturing to be necessary. We only need to put stuff together.



  • Schools, universities

Cross-promotion (give them a profit share):

  • Climate NGOs
  • Green energy companies
  • ...


Gerhard Wesp