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Platform for Functional Medicine practitioners and therapists

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The number one cause of death in Europe is chronic disease. That includes cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and many others. Many of these chronic diseases are preventable and in some cases even reversible. In traditional medicine it can take years for a patient to be diagnosed, as the symptoms don't show up in full blast right from the start, so the patient might not realise until it has developed. By then, the patient has silently suffered from mild symptoms, never feeling at his best.

The goal of Functional Medicine is to create health for patients, allowing them to feel their best. In Functional Medicine, practitioners and therapists take a scientific-based holistic approach to work together with their patients towards designing a preventative/treatment plan that is customised for them based on nutrition, supplementation, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, mental health, community analysis and the patients' own goals.

Functional Medicine is the medicine of the future and it is for everyone.

I am looking for a co-founder who wants to help me make Functional Medicine more readily available to everyone through a platform through which:

  • Patients can book appointments online
  • Patients can communicate with their care manager, coach and therapists
  • Patients can store all their medical information

The service will be subscription-based.

The company is not yet founded.

If you're interested and want to have a chat, please feel free to reach out to me at

Looking forward to meet you!


Silvia Neves