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I was visiting my dad, and in his kitchen there was a cheap bow he bought for fun in Poland. I took it outside and started shooting. I didn't stop until my fingers were bleeding and my muscles were aching in unimaginable ways. Days later, I joined an archery club, and before I knew it I was practicing up to 25 hours per week at a competitive level. I made new friends and I found a hobby I was extremely passionate about.

Now why am I talking about archery? Is my project about archery? Did I come to the wrong website? No. Not at all. But the most important take-away for me was "why aren't more people doing archery? It's amazing for your mind and body alike. I don't know anyone who does archery or considered it"

I created a web-based portal where you can explore the things you (probably) never considered because they're rare. The small niches that can turn into huge passions. It's about bringing color, adventure and richness into people's life when they need it the most.

The idea initially surrounded hobbies, but there are many areas of life where there's a multitude of things people just never thought about. It could be entertainment, areas of knowledge, new skills, music or ways you can stay safer.

The vision is to build a platform which enriches people's lives in many ways - but this exploration chapter will be the first of hopefully many.


Mark J