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Cost-efficient portfolio optimization

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  • 2021 Founding Year
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This is not just another robo advisor.

At Balancr, we empower everyone to manage their investments in a holistic, cost-efficient way. Currently, retail investors have two options

a) Invest in a managed portfolio (Funds, Robo Advisors):

+ "Invest and forget" at a decent price,
- restricted selection
- doesn't take into account other assets (single stocks, cryptos, savings account, FX)

b) Invest yourself:

+ Full freedom and cost-efficient
- Tedious work to manage a balanced portfolio over time
- Difficult to get a holistic view of all assets (different accounts, cryptos etc.)

Leveraging technology and AI, Balancr aims to offer a third choice, focusing on the + of a) and b) while at the same time eliminating the headaches and remaining attractive for the cost-aware investor or moustachian.

I have 5+ years of experience working as a Quant in the Fintech industry and take care of the backend and algorithms at Balancr. If you are a frontend developer looking to make an impact and design the UX of tomorrow's personal finance assistent, then don't hesitate to reach out and join the journey.


Damian T