Pocket butler (insurance)

Forget about insurance comparing and let pocket butler bring you the best combination based on your needs for free

  • 1 Team Size
  • 2021 Founding Year
  • Zug Location
  • Idea, brainstorming Project Status
  • Insurance, insurtech Markets

Fully automated insurance broker app that continuously suggest the best combination of insurance with lowest rates based on customers needs at any given time for free. Enter insurance details one last time and after that never again. Let pocket butler manage and keep track of better deals for you and your whole family.

Main features covered:

  • automated comparison of most insurance for private customers
  • automated combination assembler
  • deadline reminder
  • simple insurance switching service with professional one by one consulting if wished for.

Any skills or ideas that might be interesting for us. Or are you interested to hear more. White paper and first prototypes are ready. Get in touch:

pascal.scalet@gmail.com +41799137698


Pascal Scalet