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Unlocking The World’s Untapped Knowledge

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2021 Founding Year
  • Worldwide Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
  • Website
  • Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, digital assets, Opensource, web3 Markets

Innovations and data-driven solutions are impacting the future of virtually every industry and human being. However, for most companies, the necessary data-science and engineering expertise are missing as there are only limited experts in the world. Since the current “solution” to those problems is early acquisition of only the most promising startups by the biggest players, the industry is in the process of being consolidated; as a result, only a minority of companies are able to wield the required amounts of data, expertise and computational power.

Cephal is a distributed infrastructure to ignite a global intelligence paradigm through cross-disciplinary human-machine collaboration. The platform aligns incentives to contribute tasks and learn from cross-disciplinary experts’ knowledge, allowing for the emergence of automated solution-generating processes. This will enable a radically different way of sourcing data, working with knowledge, and compensating a user base. By providing a common protocol for every part of the value chain we pave the way for synergies among now siloed resources.


Cephal Founder