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Bringing insurance back to its roots.

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2016 Founding Year
  • Zurich Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • Collaboration, Financial Services, Insurance, P2P Markets

Rebuilding insurance from scratch, Hoken aims to be the first collaborative p2p insurance in Switzerland. Positive customer engagement is the greatest challenge of insurers today. Declining trust between institutions and individuals leads to high customer acquisition cost. Lack of positive engagement causes rising insurance fraud. Innovations in Insurtech have been focused on patching current brokerage and business processes. Fundamental flaws in the insurers business model stay untouched, disconnecting insurers and its customers. We believe insurance needs a full reboot. Technology allows customers to collaborate in risk selection, premia calculation and claim handling in a fun and engaging way. Bringing insurance back to its roots.


Jonas Veya